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The Titan Missile Museum is located 25 minutes from Downtown Tucson. Tours start in the morning and run until the afternoon. The Titan II nuclear-armed missiles ringing Tucson and pointed at the Soviet Union for nearly 20 years were activated in 1963. The 390th Strategic Missile Wing at Davis-Monthan AFB, had command of the sites in Tucson. The US government imploded or attempted to seal the sites after the missiles were no longer needed, except for one.

Titan Missile Museum is literally a one of a kind attraction. The silo is the only remaining Titan site of the 54 that existed during the Cold War and is really an amazing glimpse back in time. The engineering that went into this program back in the 1960s is quite incredible. I would recommend this short visit to anyone in Tucson or visiting. It will bring back memories for those who lived through the Cold War and be a valuable learning experience for those who didn’t.”

— David G., Northbrook, IL

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