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Frequently Asked Questions


What are considered after hour emergencies?

We work Monday thru Saturday and all calls are responded to the next day (except Sundays) with the following exceptions

  1. If your house is totally flooded from a broken pipe and they can’t shut the water off
  2. Water completely shut off to the home – no water at all
  3. Toilet completely not working or backed up (only in 1 bathroom homes)
  4. Sewage backing up into bathtubs
  5. Window or patio door completely broken out
  6. Broken or inoperative door lock -NOT A LOCK OUT
  7. If your front door keys are not working the day of their move in
Somebody has parked in my assigned parking space, what should I do?

During normal business hours from 9 to 5, call the Leasing Center at 299-4466 or Maintenance at 299-4466. After hours, please put a note on the car, wait one hour. If the vehicle has not moved, call the emergency service at 299-4466, press 2, then 1.

I have a maintenance or move-in problem, who should I call?

DIRECTLY CONTACT our Maintenance Department and we’ll take care of you quickly & efficiently! Submit all Service Requests/Move-In Issues on-line here or call 299-4466. Both reach us DIRECTLY & INSTANTLY at the Maintenance Department. We will acknowledge your request via email, text or phone, typically within hours or same day. Always within 24 hours. Routine Work will be scheduled within 24 hrs., usually the same day. Emergency calls will be directed to the Maintenance Staff via page. Please do not call the Leasing Office as this may cause delays of up to several days. Our system provides direct Maintenance Department access, for you, our valuable resident. To avoid confusion and delays, we don’t use our Leasing Office as middle persons-we feel that our Residents are entitled to direct access. You will be thrilled with our Maintenance Department! Just as these folks were: Testimonials

Does the maintenance department work on weekends?

Our office and field staff works on Saturday but we only respond to emergencies on Sunday.

I see bugs in my house. Can you spray for me?

No, your Rental Agreement states that we do not provide pest control services.

Can I have some touch up paint for my house?

Yes, we will supply you with a small amount of touch up paint.

Where can I setup my satellite dish?

Deposit & Written Landlord Approval Required.

PRIOR to installation, contact the Leasing Department for step by step process.

Can I run cable wires on the outside of my house?

No, please refer to your lease.

Can I have a storage shed in my yard?

Yes but it must not be higher that the wall in your yard.

Do you supply storage sheds?


Who takes care of my back yard?

Residents are responsible for the upkeep of their yard after move in.


How do I turn the water off to my toilets or sinks?

There are water shutoff valves under each plumbing fixture. Turn them clockwise to shut off the flow.

How do I turn the water off to my house?

There are usually water shutoff valves in front of each house; some may be located on the side or even in the back yard. Shut off valves are sometimes located close to the water meter.

My garbage disposal has stopped working. What can I check?

If it is humming, something is jammed and needs to be cleared. If it does nothing, there is a small reset button on the bottom or side that may have tripped. Push it in to reset it.

My sink or bathtub drains very slow, what should I do?

Please DO NOT use any type of drain cleaner. Maintenance will respond to these calls for you.


Where is my electric panel located?

For most houses the panel is located on the side of your house. Just look for the T.E.P. meter. In some one bedroom houses, the panel is located behind the bedroom door.

Can I control when my front and back lights come on?

No, they run on photo cell and are not resident controlled.

I have an electric outlet in every room that doesn’t work, what’s wrong

These outlets are generally controlled by a wall switch.

I have a burnt out light bulb, can you change it?

No, we do not replace light bulbs after you have moved in.

Half of my house has no power, what can I check?

Check your circuit breaker panel for a tripped circuit breaker.


My air conditioning doesn’t seem to be cooling. What should I do?

There are many things that can go wrong; here are a few items to check before calling for service.

  1. Make sure your air filter is clean.
  2. If the filter is dirty, the coil may have frozen. Follow these steps
    1. Set the thermostat to off and set the fan to “On”. Let it run for several hours to defrost
    2. Install a new air filter
    3. Set the thermostat to “Auto” and set the fan to “Off”
    4. If this doesn’t work after the unit has been started and run for an hour, call for service
  3. If there is nothing running at all, check to see if the circuit breaker has tripped
I live in a 3 bedroom home and the two small bedrooms don’t get cold, what’s wrong?

The air vents in other rooms need to be closed down to force more air into these rooms.

How often should I change my air filter?

Every 30 days.

Where is my air filter located?

This varies from site to site and floor plan to floor plan. Please follow these guidelines for location

  1. Casita models are located in the hall ceiling
  2. Guest House models are located in the hall ceiling
  3. Casa Grande models are located in the hall ceiling or in the hall bath behind the door
  4. Hacienda models are located in the hall ceiling or the ceiling just inside the front door
Can you change my air filter for me?

Yes, we can assist if you need help.

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