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Frequently Asked Questions


What are considered after hour emergencies?
Somebody has parked in my assigned parking space, what should I do?
I have a maintenance or move-in problem, who should I call?
Does the maintenance department work on weekends?
I see bugs in my house. Can you spray for me?
Can I have some touch up paint for my house?
Where can I setup my satellite dish?
Can I run cable wires on the outside of my house?
Can I have a storage shed in my yard?
Do you supply storage sheds?
Who takes care of my back yard?


How do I turn the water off to my toilets or sinks?
How do I turn the water off to my house?
My garbage disposal has stopped working. What can I check?
My sink or bathtub drains very slow, what should I do?


Where is my electric panel located?
Can I control when my front and back lights come on?
I have an electric outlet in every room that doesn’t work, what’s wrong
I have a burnt out light bulb, can you change it?
Half of my house has no power, what can I check?


My air conditioning doesn’t seem to be cooling. What should I do?
I live in a 3 bedroom home and the two small bedrooms don’t get cold, what’s wrong?
How often should I change my air filter?
Where is my air filter located?
Can you change my air filter for me?
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