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“What your future neighbors are saying!”

“A huge thanks for the care you took in the design of the Brand New Community Tucson Apartments! I’m a new resident and everyday I give thanks that I get to live here. Your capacity for lovely detail is extraordinary. Things I’d think you didn’t have to do, but did: the corners of the “covers” on the balcony; breaking up the heaviness of the balcony wall with two “gates”; screen doors that actually have a little weight; the solar tubes; reasonable elongated toilet seats; faucets that don’t feel like the cheapest of the cheap. And the others that you use for advertising-the ceramic top stove, granite counters, phone jacks everywhere-all true! It looks and feels here as if the designers actually care! Wow! Yayayay!

Most Rental Homes choose the lease expense and it doesn’t matter that that difference in quality can make people feel less than their magnificent selves. Shabby is not good for the human being! But here, with every detail so carefully considered and things done right (even the door stops are right!!!!), it supports me in being my own best-and for such an environment, I thank you from my heart! PS I even love the color of the outside door and revel in the custom tiles at the entrance to my home. PPS I tell everyone about you!”

M. Gustone

Thank you for all of your help with this process. I am very impressed with Tucson Rental Homes so far, and I haven’t even seen my place yet! Finding a new home can be a stressful process, especially since I am not familiar with Tucson. You have made this a smooth and quick transition for me. Thank you – I look forward to moving into my Casita!

Best Regards, J Castle

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