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At Tucson Rental Homes, we’re here to serve you. That’s why our Rental Application Process is quick, easy and 95% of the time, we answer in less than 30 minutes! While other firms create longer forms, higher fees, and longer processing times, we focus on providing you with prompt, courteous and efficient treatment. When we receive your fully filled out Rental Application, you’ll hear from us typically same day. Always within 24 hours. Application is secure and confidential.

With only 1 weekend to find a home after moving from another state, Heather was a wonderful help. We saw the model and then went to look at two that were for rent. Heather was nothing but very helpful with making an appointment. As for Maintenance…I could not be happier. Very friendly, dogs happy. When you write in your request, you are notified within such a short time when they will be out. I also see the branches and leaves being cleared when they fall. I believe if any fall in your back yard if you get a lightweight rake you can rake them up. I saw the home we would be getting, I knew it was a tight fit in some places, it was not “brand new” and “perfect” It’s a home, we are very happy!

T. Pihl

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